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Visiting Bluevale Meadows

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Visiting Bluevale Meadows
YES! We allow visits by our families of forever homes. We glady welcome you to come! We do however, ask that you set up an appointment with us first. There are times when visits are not allowed due to the age of our puppies. When there is a litter, visits only happen past the 5 week age point. Preferably 5-6 weeks of age. For the safety of our Dogs, we no longer allow visits at random. 
Thank you for understanding.

We care about our puppies and where they will be living and who they will be living with. You may be a stranger when you come, but you leave as friends, as we welcome you to becoming a part of our ALD littermates family! 

We also can provide references from previous pup parents if you'd like to chat with them and hear of their experience in adopting from us.