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Our Crew

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High-Time - Bluevale Meadows "Lily" of the Valley

Owned by Bluevale Meadows Australian Labradoodles
Colour: Cream
Height: 18 1/2"
Weight: 31lbs
Birthday: Oct. 6th, 2016
ALCA Registration: 236-10062016-005-LB1, A5
WALA Reg#: WALA00016441
Clear on the following : EIC, DM, PRA-PRCD, CERF, IC, OFA-HIP&ELBOW, vWD1

Lily is our own pet who lives in our home with us. She is super high energy! LOVES to play frisbee and jump and twirl to catch it. Then has quite the swagger when she does! But she also loves her cuddle time. Usually over morning coffee in the arm chair. Or late at night just before bedtime. She's gentle and affectionate, our little sweetheart and Princess #1 around here!

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Bluevale Meadows - Mocha Caramel Latte - AKA Mocha

Owned by Bluevale Meadows Australian Labradoodles
Colour: Medium Apricot with tuxedo chest
Height: 18 1/2"
Weight: 34lbs
Birthday: Feb. 3rd, 2018
ALCA Registration: 295-02032018-001-LB2, A5
WALA Reg#: WALA00046050
Clear on the following : EIC, DM, PRA-PRCD,
OFA-HIP & ELBOW, Heart & Patellas

Just love this little gal! So inquisitive and playful. Eager to learn new things and meet new friends with her vocal greetings. The very image of her daddy "Vinn" with a more lady like tux marking on her chest. Loves to cuddle in the evenings. Always up for a doodle romp in the yard with her mommy Lily,& tag along little sister Luella! A bit goofy at times and a real daddy's girl! Emotional & yet very sensitive is how I would best describe my brown eyed girl :)

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L by D Bluevale Meadows
"Jack" of our Hearts

Owned by
Bluevale Meadows Australian Labradoodles
Colour: Chocolate
Birth Date: Dec, 18th, 2018
ALCA Registration: 295-12182018-005-D, CA1
WALA Reg#:  WALA00045859
Weight: 20lbs
Height: 18.25"
Clear on the following : DM, PRA-PRCD, CERF, IC, EIC, vWD1, OFA-HIP & Elbow,
OFA Heart & Patellas

Jack is the sweetest little guy! Comes to us from Nova Scotia, Canada. He is a true small but not in personality. (Classified as a large mini) He loves his guardian family and they are so over the moon in love with him. We look forward to seeing in future, what puppies he will produce with our line of girls. Chocolates, reds, creams, caramels, blacks and parti's. His first sired litter with our Mocha was a stunner.

The Future Crew

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Bluevale Meadows
"Luella" Sweetpea

Owned by
Bluevale Meadows Australian Labradoodles
Colour: Apricot/Caramel
Birth Date: March 13th, 2020
ALCA Registration: 295-03132020-004-LB1
Weight:  30lbs
Clear on the following : DM, PRA-PRCD, IC, EIC, vWD1, HNP. OFA-HIP & Elbow,
OFA Heart, & Patellas, CERF

This little girl is her mama Lily all over again. Spunky, playful, solid confident temperament. We look forward to the playful puppy time with this little sweetheart and her entering our breeding program in late 2021.

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Bluevale Meadows
L by D Elvis' Teddy Bear "Copper"

Owned by
Bluevale Meadows Australian Labradoodles
Colour: Red with white patches
Birth Date: September 24th, 2020
Weight: Expected size: 35-38lbs
Clear on the following : DM, IC, PRA-PRCD,vWD1, HNP. OFA-HIP & Elbow,
OFA Heart & Patellas

This little guy hails from Labradoodles by Design in Nova Scotia. He has joined our own family here at Bluevale Meadows and is quite the little personality. Fitting right in and playing with the girls almost from the moment he arrived.. Mocha has claimed him as her baby bo. With his rich red colouring and good looks, we look forward to seeing his future sired litters in our program for 2022 & beyond.

Past Studs

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High-Time - VINCENZO
Aka "Vinny"

Owned by High-Time Australian Labradoodles at time of mating. Now owned by Windsor Doodles
Colour: Caramel with tuxedo chest
ALCA Registration: 205-05142016-001-LD1
Weight: 38lbs
Clear on the following : DM, PRA-PRCD, CERF, IC, OFA-HIP&ELBOW

Vinn has produced some truly lovely litters for us with our Gal Lily. He has passed on his good looks, structure and coat colours to our own Mocha and Luella to carry on his line.
Since mating for the last time with our Lily, he has been sold/rehomed to another breeder out of our region. We will miss Mr. Vinn in our breeding program but all good things come to an end. Im sure we will see his good looks still shine thru in his daughters future litters.