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You're Ready for  a puppy....

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How to Apply for a puppy...

To get on our Reserve list and to hold a puppy, we require a completed puppy application form and a $500. non-refundable Reservation List Fee & signed Agreement, when reserving.
Then we offer the following payment plan for the balance;

$500. due at 2 weeks old. $500. at 5 weeks old, & the balance of $1350. due when picking up puppy. Cost does not include delivery. Please contact us for info on transportation costs if delivery is needed.
Until the reservation lists open, we have a master waiting list.
To be placed on our "Master Waiting List"
We now require 20% of your Reservation fee  - $100.00 (non-refundable) at time of signing up.(new, spring 2023)
If you are willing to wait for a planned litter with us, then we will gladly add you to our Master waiting list towards the next planned litter's Reservation List to open on the size of pup you are looking for.
Upon receipt of a completed and approved application form, we will send you the paperwork to complete and return along with this 20% fee. You will then be added to our Master Waiting list.The balance of the Reservation fee will become due at time of dam's season. This fee of course will then be deducted from the total cost of your new puppy.

We plan our litters only after our dams have had a health and wellness exam post litter.
Thus our waiting times may be 8+ months. We understand people want a puppy now, when you make that decision, the wait can feel like forever. However to be fair to us in our time spent vetting applications, and to our girls, we need to know our applicants are in it for the duration and are willing to wait for their new puppy from us here at BVM. We put a lot of time and work into each little crew we raise, and that includes the planning stage of any new litter.

Our hope is that this will not deter you but help you to feel more secure about placing your name on our waiting list.

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How does the selection process work?...
Puppies have aways been reserved in order of reservation. Meaning, First reserved gets first pick, 2nd reserved gets 2nd pick, etc.
However, **We now(as we always have) give you our highest recommendation as to which puppy(s) will suit you and your family best. Meaning there is no "last" pick. Or just getting "whats left". As always, we work with these pups from day one, 24/7 and feel we have the better understanding as to their overall temperament. We ALSO temperament test our puppies at the age of 7 weeks. Giving our puppies a voice in the conversation. With video and a report card of each. Learning who they are, how they interact with other canine friends & humans, how they feel about sights and sounds, are they happy to be in arms or do they prefer a more respectful touch in handling. More info on the temperament testing can be found here. Temperament trait testing
Any puppy can have an "off" day, and that may be the day you visit. Why "letting the puppy pick you" is really an outdated and uninformed way of selecting who your new puppy will be. This is also why we ask you to fill out a completed application form. Telling us about you, your family, home, lifestyle, any other pets, work etc. As we get to know each other over the course of the months and weeks waiting for your puppy, raising your puppy, we also are assesing which puppy will fit and thrive with you. This means you may not know which pup you are taking home, till closer to going home. Therefore, we ask you love them all, dont get attached to any, & just enjoy watching all the puppies grow and develope within the litter you are holding a reservation on. Don't worry, we have private albums on each litter that is updated almost daily with photos and videos for you to see. However, should you find yourself as "last" placement, and concerned on who remains for you, we always offer transferability to the next future available litter should the last placement not be a good fit. We want our puppies to succeed in life. So it's just as important to us to have even the "last", find their perfect family. There is no one-perfect pup for everyone, but there is a puppy perfect for you!

**We reserve the right to hold back any number of puppies of our choice for any reason, from each of our litters.** As the breeder, we ALWAYS have 1st picks!

To start your journey in bringing home a BVM puppy, please email us for an application form 
Puppy Form

Applications for "Mini To Small mediums" now being accepted towards our late 2023 litter.