Registered Breeder of the Authentic Australian Labradoodle ~ A pure breed in development!
~ Located Near Wingham, On ~

Pricing & Application

ALL Puppies sold as pets are $2850.00
All our puppies are to be spayed/neutered by 1 yr of age

Why do we charge $2850?
We do a number of DNA and Physical health testing (OFA) to make sure you are getting the BEST. We want your newest family member to live a long, happy and healthy life!

So, what do we test for?...

Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Progressive Rod-Cone Degeneration
OFA - Hip & Elbows
We check hips and elbows for dysplasia and send off to the Orthopedic Foundation
( EIC)
Exersice-Induced Collapse
( DM )
Degenerative Myelopathy
( IC ) 
Hair furnishings to ensure desirable coats for allergy friendly, non-shedding family pets & therapy dogs.
( vWD Type 1)
von Willebrands Disease
OFA - Patellar Luxation 
Knees, kneecaps
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Reserving a puppy...

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When you reserve or purchase one of our puppies you will receive a two year written guarantee against genetic issues that would effect the quality of your pet's life. We are here to help you for as long as you need us!

We have chosen to breed predominantly small and medium size Authentic Australian Labradoodles. Our dogs are raised in our home as members of the family, to help develop their personalities in anticipation of becoming a valued and well balanced pet for any family. We begin early nuerological & scent training with the pups as early as day 3. We introduce our puppies to many sights, sounds and experiences as we are able with age appropriate curriculumn. Along with a good dose of common sense training in general. Puppies and moms, need alot of love, care and understanding in the early weeks of life. We give them every ounce we can while they are here with us. Whether its 10am playtime to 3AM feedings. We are right there ready to offer them what they are needing in the moment. Empowering them thru obstacles and not enabling them in their fears.

*As they were originally bred to be, some of our puppers are going on to become full certified therapy dogs. Which is just awesome to see! :)

Your new puppy will be;
Vet checked with health certificate & have age appropriate shots & have be on a dewormer protocol, 30 day Trial Pet Insurance with Trupanion, A 2yr Genetic Health Guarantee, Puppy Go Home Kit (Full bag of Food, toys, treats etc - Value $100.), & finally, a Lifetime of Support from us as well as a continued connection in our private Littermates FB group with other pawrents of our puppies.
**All of our puppies are required to be spayed or neutered between 6-10 months of age. Upon verification from your vet that the procedure has been performed, a refund will be given up to $250. Failure to provide proof within the agreed time, an additional $6700. will become due and payable to us, which is the price of a breeding ALD dog. ($9,550.)We have this clause in place to prohibit unplanned pregnancies with dogs purchased for other reasons than breeding. Pets working/service/therapy types.
Though we strive to have consistency in our lines, not all are breeding quality and without proper health testing, should not move forward as such. If you are interested in a breeding dog, we have separate contracts and protocots for such and are happy to chat with you in that regard.

We realize this puppy represents a significant investment by the pet owner. The veterinary care and procedures alone, represents a $980. value which is included in the price of $2850. The general care, feeding, and housing of the litters and their mama's reflects the rest. It is a labour of love for us but there are costs in owning any dog, or pet for that matter. So it only stands to reason that it costs to raise happy, healthy, well rounded puppies.

*Price does not include transportation costs, please contact us for rates if that would apply.

The gene pool for authentic Australian Labradoodles is very limited at present, and it is only through careful breeding that the exceptional qualities of the Australian Labradoodle will be maintained and improved upon and continue on its route as a pure breed in developement.
We do not breed F1 or F2 American Labradoodles as we feel the size, coat, and non allergenic traits are not consistent in these early breedings. Though we loved our F1 Labradoodles, they were NOT a part of our breeding program.

Please contact us with any questions or concerns, we love to talk about our dogs.
We require a $500. non-refundable Reservation Fee along with a signed agreement to reserve/hold a puppy. Puppies have aways been reserved in order of reservation. Meaning, First reserved gets first pick, 2nd reserved gets 2nd pick, etc.
However, **We now(as we always have) give you our highest recommendation as to which puppy(s) will suit you and your family best. Meaning there is no "last" pick. Or just getting "whats left". As always, we work with these pups from day one, 24/7 and feel we have the better understanding as to their overall temperament. Any puppy can have an "off" day, and that may be the day you visit. This is why we ask you to fill out a completed application telling us about you, your family, home, lifestyle, any other pets, work etc. As we get to know each other over the course of the months and weeks waiting for your puppy, raising your puppy, we also are assesing which puppy will fit and thrive with you. True evlauations of each pup are performed at around the 7 week old mark. This means you may not know which pup you are taking home, till closer to going home. Therefore, we ask you love them all, dont get attached to any, & just enjoy watching all the puppies grow and develope within the litter you are holding a reservation on. Should you find yourself as "last" placement, no worries, we always offer transferabiltiy to future available litter should the last placement not be a good fit. We want our puppies to succeed in life. So it's just as important to us to have even the "last", find their perfect family. There is no one-perfect pup for everyone, but there is a puppy perfect for you!

**We reserve the right to hold back any number of puppies of our choice for any reason, from each of our litters.** As the breeder, we ALWAYS have 1st picks!

Please email us to receive a puppy application form, and we will contact you as soon as we are able.

To fill out an application on a future puppy from Bluevale Meadows, please find here.
Applications will go towards our waiting lists for summer/fall litters