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Puppy Application

Applicant Information

Our line of ALD's only goes into season every 8-9 months. Therefore waiting for a puppy could potentially be close to a year. Please consider this before filling out our application form. Thank you!
Placements on reservation lists are filled when a planned liter is given the all clear to move forward and mother dog seasons. Pre-Paid Waiting list applicants are contacted in order of applications received.
*Found on our apply & pricing page

Here at Bluevale Meadows, we want to ensure that each of our puppies goes to a perfect match for their forever home. Please fill out the following field to ensure we get just the right puppy for you.

*Though we work off a reserve list based on who placed deposit first, second and so on, we are working with pups from day one, 24/7 and have in our opinion, the best analysis of each and every pup. We do a final assessment on temperaments at 7 weeks of age of pups and highly recomend which puppies would best suit you and your family. We want our puppies to succeed in life, and this means pairing them with the right family.

Household Information

Examples might be pulled on leash or excessive compulsive behavours, shed.
After core vaccines, titers should be performed before anministering further dosages. If titers are not performed then the vaccinces should not be giving more than the 3 year MINIMUM. * with the excpetion of optional yearly vaccines like kennel cough and lepto - which a discussion should be had with vet on risks in your area.
Isoxazoline based flea & tick chemicals are known neuro toxins and are linked to a change in the DNA of the dog. Giving to a puppy still in the developmental stage can have a significant impact on their adult life health and well being.
* family dog, sidekick, service, therapy

The following questions are for your preferences, but please understand we cannot guarantee genders or colours that will be born in a litter. We focus more on temperaments and placing the right puppy with the right clients over gender and colours first and foremost. However;……………

*Note, white miss mark is random and cannot be guaranteed
Standing heights for the small to small medium are within the same range of 17-19" at the whithers.

Upon receiving your application, we will email you within 48 hours with any followup questions and also the latest update on our available placements for a litter.
**Please be sure to check your spam/junk folders for our reply.**