~ Breeder of the Authentic Australian Labradoodle ~
~ Located Near Wingham, On ~

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Who are we & where are we located?

Bluevale Meadows Australian Labradoodles is committed to breeding beautiful, healthy and intelligent Authentic Australian Labradoodles. Our puppies are raised in our home and throughout our gardens and doggy playgrounds.

An integrative health approach to breeding

We prioritize the health and long term well being of our dogs and their puppies through both genetic and structural health testing. With the hopes of ensuring we are not unknowingly breeding any issues known to the breed of the Australian Labradoodle.
We stand behind this with our two year health guarantee.

Health testing we do

We take a more integrative approach in the general care of our crew and puppies. 
This includes offering them a more species appropriate diet with real food, testing before treating, whether it be natural remedies or pharmacuetical ones, not over-vaccinating, and providing an environment as free from chemical & pesticide use as possible. Giving our dogs and puppies as heathly and robust immune system as we possibly can.

Raising the puppies

Our focus begins in the early stages of puppyhood, to raising well-adjusted & allergy friendly Australian Labradoodles.
Using a combination of puppy rearing & curriculum practises, we begin imprinting our puppies from three days old onward. Offering lots of enrichment in sights, sounds and experiences of daily life within a home, but also outside the home.

More on how we raise our puppies

What sizes we breed

Predominantly our labradoodles range in size from large minis through large mediums.
Standing 17-21" at the whithers. 

Where are we?

 Located in mid-western Ontario near Wingham, approximately 2.5 hours west of the greater Toronto area, and just 1.5 hours north of London.

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"Breeders are like foster mothers.We give them our heart and soul while they're with us,
knowing that we're preparing them to bring joy to others."
~Beverley Rutland Manners