Breeder of the Authentic Australian Labradoodle ~ A pure breed in development!
~ Located Near Wingham, On ~

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Reservation list is OPEN on our next litter ~ Spring 2024

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Where are we located, & a little about us?

Located in mid-western Ontario near Wingham, approximately 2.5 hours west of Toronto, and just 1.5 hours north of London.
Bluevale Meadows Australian Labradoodles is committed to breeding beautiful, healthy and intelligent Authentic Australian Labradoodles. All our puppies are raised in our home and throughout our gardens and doggy playgrounds. We prioritize the health and well being of our crew and their pups by focusing on more natural and holistic approach. Including a species appropriate diet through real fresh foods,  minimal vaccine use
(not over vaccination), and a chemical & pesticide free environment.
Imprinting from three days post birth onward, to the sights and sounds of daily life within a home, but also outside the home. Our focus begins in the early stages of puppyhood, to raising well-adjusted & allergy-friendly pets! Predominantly our pups range in size from a large mini to medium. Standing 17-21" at the whithers. 

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"Breeders are like foster mothers.We give them our heart and soul while they're with us,
knowing that we're preparing them to bring joy to others."
~Beverley Rutland Manners