Registered Breeder of the Authentic  Multi-Gen, "Australian Labradoodle"
~ Located Near Wingham, Ontario ~
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Up-coming Puppies

the Pups...

This is where upcoming litters will be announced and reservation lists will be posted.

Lily & Vincenzo are the proud parents of 6 beauties born July 30th, 2019
Their puppies are all SOLD

Mocha is thru all her OFA testing and we fully expect to see her first litter in the fall.  
(Reservation for this litter is now CLOSED.)

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Reserve List for Lily+Vinn litter is now CLOSED :
All Pups from this litter are SOLD

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Reserve List for Mocha's 1st Litter is now Closed! 
We are expecting to breed her to a cute little red head from the east coast.

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High-Time - Bluevale Meadows
"Lily" of the Valley

Owned by Bluevale Meadows Australian Labradoodles
Colour: Cream
Height: 18 1/2"
Weight: 28lbs
Birthday: Oct. 6th, 2016
ALCA Registration: 236-10062016-005-LB1, A5 

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High-Time - VINCENZO
Aka "Vinny"
Owned by High-Time Australian Labradoodles

Colour: Reddish-brown with tuxedo chest 
ALCA Regitration: 205-05142016-001-LD1 
Weight: 30lbs  
Vinn is quite the handsome dood! 
Owned by High-Time and lives in a much loved guardian home near by. Whenever we get a chance to visit Vinny he's always so friendly and energenic. Ready and willing to meet up and play.  
He is the dad to our newest dood, Mocha. And their personalities are much the same. 
Eager, inquisitive, playful and oh yes - so very intelligent!

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Bluevale Meadows - Mocha Caramel Latte - AKA Mocha

Owned by Bluevale Meadows Australian Labradoodles
Colour: Ginger-brown with tuxedo chest
Height: 18 1/2"
Weight: 34lbs
Birthday: Feb. 3rd, 2018
ALCA Registration: 295-02032018-001-LB2, A5
Clear on the following : EIC, DM, PRA-PRCD,
OFA-HIP&ELBOW,Heart & Patellars 

Expected to be honeymoonin'
late summer - 2019!
Standing stud below.

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Sunvalley Caper - Standing Stud

Owned by Labradoodles by Design ~ Nova Scotia
Colour: Red Apricot
When you are from Cape Breton you are a Caper. This boy travels, beaches and has fun photo shoots with the girls in his family. Super temperament, he even drives the jet ski!

Expected to be honeymoonin'
late summer - 2019!

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Pictured here is Lily's first litter - Easter 2018 
6 & 8 weeks old 
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